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Jan 10, 2013 6:00pm EST
. steve? >> the nra didn't like the way it went, but a big question is how powerful and influential is the nra here on capitol hill? and the answer might be still plenty powerful, despite the massacre in connecticut and today's shotgun shooting in california which left a student wounded. another s.w.a.t. team at a school. another shooting incident. the images from near bakersfield, california hit networks as vice president biden said he'll send to president obama on tuesday a proposal to change u.s. gun laws. >> diminish the probability that what we've seen will okur and diminish the probability that our children are at risk in their schools. >> reporter: biden who met with hunting groups today and the nra, is expected to recommend a new ban on assault weapons and large-capacity clips. and setting up a stronger background check sim. no exceptions for gun shows and the internet market where 40% of guns get sold in and out without any check to stop sales to criminals or the mentally ill. a mass shooting survivor says changing that is job one. not removing the second amendment, that's
Jan 18, 2013 6:00pm EST
. the nra does what it does. the ad is factually incorrect. i think, you know. this is not about me. i ask tough questions on both sides on my program. people sometimes want to make me a political target, which i shouldn't be. in this particular case, they're taking on an argument that's factually untrue. the only protection they get is from the secret service. that's true of all kids at that school. >> pretty long no comment. your assignment on inauguration today i? >> i'll be with brian williams and savannah guthrie. we'll be watching it all happen and talking about the next term. >> >> wee be watching it with you. >> david greg do i recall from "meet the press." one of the most famous symbols in the world, the presidential seal. meet the local artist hard at work on it. >>> an attacker throws down a woman outside a grocery store. >>> and a woman feels like she wasn't a victim until she had to deal with the police. >> they didn't listen to me, they don't believe me. >> this group says -- a human rights group says the woman is not alone. more on the accusations. >>> plus the southern snow
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2